Aircraft Rental

Classic Aviation is proud to offer a diverse fleet of rental aircraft for our customers training, travel, and recreational flying needs. We know you will find that our well-maintained aircraft are the finest of their type available. If your goals include climbing the ratings ladder, we have the right equipment for you. Each aircraft is equipped with a four-place intercom and two headsets. You really have to see these airplanes to appreciate them. To top everything off, we have experienced instructors to help get you started. Pella is a great place to fly, so come and visit us soon.

To rent you must have at least an airplane single engine land certificate, current medical, and be current in ASEL. Before rental is allowed, a checkout by one of the instructors is necessary.

Rental rates subject to change.


C172- N733NK

Our Cessna 172 is available for instruction and rental.  The Skyhawks are renowned for their docile handling characteristics. Countless pilots have begun their training with the C172.   N733NK is a 1977 172N model equipped with an IFR certified Garmin GNS430W, an S-Tec system 40 Autopilot, and a GTX330 transponder offering the added safety of TIS traffic.  The 172 is versatile aircraft for primary and instrument training as well as local fun flying and cross country travel.

Aircraft Rental—1977 Cessna 172N—N733NK $160hr


PA 28-161 Warrior- N36603

Prefer a low wing primary or instrument trainer?  The 160 hp Warrior is the best in its class.  N36603 is perfect for primary and instrument training as well as local and cross-country rental.  With a GNS430W and a Piper Autopilot N36603 is well equipped for all your flying goals.

Aircraft Rental- Warrior-N36603- $160/hr



J3 Cub—N3463K

Enjoy a taste of the past in our J3 Cub. The J3 Cub was a common site over Pella in the WWII Civilian Pilot Training days and remains so today.

If you haven’t flown a Cub, you just have to. If you haven’t flown a Cub in more than a year, we know you want to.

A trip to a nearby grass strip with a Classic Aviation instructor in our J3 is one of the most unique flight training offerings in the Midwest.

This taildragger will bring back old memories and may create some new ones. Train with Classic’s instructors to attain your tailwheel rating or take a site-seeing flight in the next best thing to an open cockpit.

Aircraft Rental—1946 Piper J3 Cub—N3463K $150/hr
(Dual Only)  


American Champion Citabria—N257AC

Our 1999 7GCBC Citabria Explorer is a versatile tailwheel trainer. If the Cub is a tight fit for you, the Citabria might be your choice for your tailwheel endorsement.

If you are looking for some advanced tailwheel instruction or are rebuilding or purchasing a high performance tailwheel airplane, some time in N257AC with one of Classic’s instructors will further develop your seat-of-the pants skills.

Looking to become a safer pilot in any airplane? Classic Aviation’s instructors offer spin endorsements and emergency maneuver training in N257AC to help you prepare for the unexpected in any airplane.

Aircraft Rental- 1999 American Champion Citabria—N257AC $165/hr
(Dual Only)  



Cirrus SR20 GTS—N853DB

Blast into the future with the Cirrus SR20 GTS!

The SR20 GTS offers the latest in performance, safety and comfort whether you are flying for business or pleasure.

This composite body, high performance machine can take you to your next client or vacation destination with style and ease.

Aircraft Rental—2006 Cirrus SR20 GTS—N853DB $295/hr
(Cirrus Transition Training Required)



Beech Duchess—N26LM

Add the versatility of a multi-engine rating to your repertoire.

Our 1979 Beech Duchess is equipped with a Garmin GNS 430 and a Century IIB Autopilot.

Aircraft Rental—1979 Beech Duchess—N26LM $360/hr
(Dual Only)  


Cherokee 140- N38190




Aircraft Rental- N38190- $160/hr