Instrument Raiting

After receiving a Private Pilot Certificate, many pilots choose to increase the utility of their license by adding an instrument rating. Imagine flying through the clouds while managing ATC communication and completing instrument approach procedures with precision.

Instrument training is a challenging and fun type of training where the student gets to add precision to his or her flying as well as utility to his or her license. Classic Aviation’s training aircraft are equipped with GPS to allow the student to learn the latest procedures rather than flying with outdated equipment. Classic Aviation’s flight instructors are experienced instrument pilots with experience in the real-world IFR system.

The FAA requires a minimum of forty hours of actual or simulated instrument flight time for this rating in addition to passing a written and practical test.

Because the instrument training opens a pilot up to operating in a complex system in a variety of weather conditions, quality flight instruction is important. Classic Aviation believes that focusing on quality flight instruction should also include investing in training tools.

Classic Aviation has invested in an Elite Simulations Solutions PI-135 Aviation Training Device which is an invaluable tool for instrument instruction. The Aviation Training Device increases efficiency and improves quality of instrument instruction by allowing the instructor to pause the flight and start a procedure over if needed.


Each year, Classic Aviation holds an instrument ground school to help pilots prepare for the FAA Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test. This course lasts two weeks and meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays. No previous study or flight training is required and students have up to two years from the test date to complete the instrument rating checkride.

Ground School

If your aspirations include real world training scenarios, our experienced instructors are here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. The map below shows a recent cross country IFR training adventure that training center instructor Jeff Uitermarkt completed with an SR20 owner.

Scenario based training allows students to put their skills to the test and experience flying outside of the everyday training environment. This training will build one’s confidence in the use of their aircraft and instrument rating skills. Besides, it’s just plain fun!

Instrument Adventure