Adding a Certificate or Rating – FAQ

What kind of training does Classic Aviation offer?

Classic Aviation offers flight training for every level of pilot from your private pilot to airline transport pilot certificate. You can also earn your instrument and multi-engine ratings. We even train certified flight instructors so you can teach others. Need a tailwheel endorsement, high performance/complex aircraft endorsement or spin training? We do that too! With 4 certified instructors available, scheduling is flexible.

I’m looking for a new challenge. Can you help?

Be safer and add utility to your flying. Participate in our spin and emergency maneuver training course. Add a tailwheel endorsement to your private or commercial certificate. Add a complex endorsement or a multi-engine rating to prepare you for future flying or just for fun. Move from the classic instrument panel to a glass panel by completing your Cirrus transition training.

I’ve had trouble finding an instructor that can help me achieve my goals. How is Classic Aviation different?

Of course flight training requires a workable student-instructor relationship. Also your training should be interesting, challenging and prepare you for the real-world flying conditions that you will experience. With four instructors on staff and a fleet of airplanes, we can offer flexibility to work around your schedule. Our instructors get daily flying experience in everything from J-3 Cubs to corporate jets and they are always ready to incorporate some real-world scenarios into your training.

What kind of aircraft do you have available to rent?

We have a very diverse fleet of rental and training aircraft that are clean, well-equipped and well-maintained. View our Aircraft Rental page for more information. We think the quality of our aircraft will make you feel confident about your safety during training and about flying with your friends and family after your training is complete.

What can I do if I’m due or overdue for recurrent training?

Does the minimum flight review required by FAR 61.56 or the instrument proficiency check required by FAR 61.57 leave you comfortable to fly your airplane with the utility you need throughout the year? Why not work with our instructors to develop a custom recurrent training plan to fit your needs? Our experienced instructors can create a recurrent training plan above and beyond the FAA minimums to help you feel more confident and capable at the controls. We provide training in our own aircraft and customer’s aircraft and are authorized by Cirrus Aircraft to provide factory approved training.

My aircraft is due for maintenance…while you’re here, stop in for training

Trust your aircraft to our qualified mechanics. We do everything from performing regular inspections, to major airframe repair and pitot/static/transponder checks. We even have turbine engine mechanics on staff. Our Cirrus Authorized Service Center is the only resource you need for all Cirrus service and repairs.